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Mobis electronic Ltd. started its active work in Croatia in 1992 as an enterprise for production, marketing and servicing of electronic products. We are one of the pioneers of the mobile industry in the region and have been involved in developing the Croatian telecommunications market through collaboration with various world renowned brands, local operators and open market retail partners since the first commercial call made via mobile network.

Our company mission is to offer carefully selected mobile technology products that offer the best contemporary experience of use. Guided by our knowledge of different consumers’ needs, we offer top quality feature phones, smartphones and corresponding accessories in various price ranges. We keep track of trends and nurture our flexibility and ability to change and improve quickly.

Our company vision is to continue delivering the best products and services that meet customers’ needs by always renewing and differentiating the offer, and constantly investing in all business resources.

30years of successful business in the region

150employees Croatia
Bosnia and Herzegovina


Mobis Group operates on the markets of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia through wholesale (open market, B2B), online sales and retail.

We collaborate with the largest operators in the region:

Our sales department cooperates with over 120 wholesale partners with more than 580 retail stores in the region, and sells products through our own retail stores: 

120+wholesale partners 580
330+operator points of sale
250+open market points of sale
Activities webshop


New and redesigned online store has already been recognized by professional as well as customers: 

  • The Best web shop of 2017 - given by eCommerce association and 7 Croatian most successful developers
  • Web Merchant of the Year, category „Telco&Mobile“ 2018 - given by international expert jury in Shopper’s Mind research and customers
  • eCommAwards for The Best UX and SEO 2018 - given by eCommerce association and expert jury offers on one place more than 450 different models of mobile phones, tablets, additional equipment, wearables, drones and gaming. Quick delivery is provided throughout the Republic of Croatia often within 2 days. Expert and educated sellers are at your service. Consistent development and improvements ensure the best service.



Awards and achievements

Some of our awards and achievements in over than 25 years of active business

1997 – 2008 numerous recognitions for the best service centre for mobile phone repairs in SE Europe received from renowned manufacturers through internal audits

2001 – Vidi Web Top 100 national award for The Best Webshop, given by the independent international jury

2003 – Zlatna kuna award for the most successful small-sized company in Croatia, given by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce

2004 – Zlatna kuna award for the most successful medium-sized company in the City of Zagreb, given by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce

2011 – Outward Annual Award for the best creative idea for city light and billboard ads in Croatia (mstore and Imago campaign)

2017 – eCommerce award for The Best Croatian Webshop ( given by the independent jury of developers

2018 – eCommerce awards for the Best Webshop in „UX“ category and for the Best Webshop in „SEO“ category given by the independent jury of developers in Croatia to webshop

2018 – Web Merchant of the Year, category „Telco&Mobile“ in Croatia Achievements

1999 – the best rated company in Croatia on Intercredit’s list (exceptional financial score and best payment ethics)

In the TOP 500 companies in Croatia during a period of 10 years ♦ In the TOP 1000 companies in Croatia during a period of 20 years


Supply management

Mobis procurement experts are professionally selecting and procuring top brand products for the best contemporary experience of use. With 25 years of experience in selecting, acquiring and distributing, Mobis is always ready to respond to market needs on time.


Our quality of work has been recognized by many world known brands. Mobis is an authorized importer and/or distributor of renowned world companies:

100+suppliers in the country and abroad



Our marketing communications department launches and encourages the exchange of information about the company offer and brands in distribution, having in mind the most efficient tools and ways of modern communications.

We are regularly engaged in advertising, sales promotions and improvement, trade marketing, digital marketing, direct marketing, event marketing and public relations. We plan and execute marketing activities in close cooperation with our brand partners.

Our promotion department realizes a large number of successful campaigns every year, independently or in cooperation with operators.



Our logistics is an extremely important part of the business process considering the importance of timely and accurate delivery of goods to the many business partners and end-consumers in the region.

The logistics department delivers more than 115,000 packages per year.

With a large number of successfully delivered packages per year, years of experience in coordinating goods in physical, informational and organizational terms, Mobis successfully fulfills all market requirements.

115.000+packages sent in 2016

Service centers

25 years of experience in hardware/software repair of mobile phones and mobile technology. 

Since 1999, our service center has been proactively acting as a leader in the industry in the SEE. Since 2008, MESC has been a separate company developing further throughout the region and works with numerous brands of mobile phones and other devices. Today MESC operates in Zagreb, Sarajevo and Belgrade with a total of 110 employees, of which 50+ are top technical experts, it is an authorized repair service provider for 11 mobile phone brands and realizes over 20.000 work orders per month.

Since 2018 MESC Service Center in Zagreb started working under the new name Tech Doctor. 

On a regional basis, every minute one device enters or leaves MESC service centers.

20.000average monthly work orders


Service centers in region

MESC repairs, depending on the market, the devices of 12 well-known brands such as Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, Alcatel, LG, Emporia, ZTE, Lenovo, Apple, Microsoft, Wiko, Evolveo. Our service centers work with the largest operators in the region.

Visit regional service center web sites:

Tech Doctor Zagreb ♦ MESC Sarajevo ♦ MESC Beograd

MESC Sarajevo is a successful company that actively works for 16 years and collaborates with world-renowned brands such as Alcatel, Blackberry, Huawei, LG, Lenovo/Motorola, Wiko, Coolpad, Nokia/Microsoft, and Meizu. 

MESC Beograd is specialized in services and logistics related to mobile technology and works for 11 years. The quality of business has been recognized by brands such as Huawei, Blackberry, LG, Alcatel, Wiko, and Prestigio. 


Customer service

Tech Doctor customer service in Croatia provides an efficient and fast service adjusted to the needs of each user.

With more than 7.000 successful monthly queries, customer service provides expert support with the aim to provide the highest quality service.

88.000+received Help Desk calls in 2016



Company started working in Croatia in 1992, offering top quality products that provide the best user experience of mobile technology.

The company carefully selects, imports and distributes the devices and services of the world's most famous brands. It constantly improves its knowledge with respect to the needs of various clients and extends the offer with the appropriate range of phones, smartphones, compatible accessories and other relevant products and services in communications technology. Today the company operates in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Company specialized in repair and logistics services related to mobile technology.

The company has been operating under this name since July 2008, after being separated from the parent company Mobis-electronic Ltd., a long-time importer and distributor of mobile phones and accessories in the region. 


Since 2018 MESC Service Center in Croatia started working under the new name Tech Doctor.

Mobis Electronic Servisni Centar d.o.o.

MESC (Mobis Electronic Servisni Centar d.o.o.) today operates in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

Contact information

Radnička 1A, 10000 Zagreb

Telephone: +385 (1) 6188 511


Working hours
Monday – Friday from 9 to 17h 

PIN (OIB): 10765466090
Company’s number (MBS): 080307073


Companies’ bank accounts

OTP banka d.d.
Ulica Domovinskog rata 61, 21000 Split
IBAN: HR6324070001100050796

Trg bana Josipa Jelačića 10, 10000 Zagreb
IBAN: HR2223600001101348159 
Swift: ZABAHR2X 

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